June 1 - August 12

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OCLP Participant Resource Page

OCLP 2021 Participants will use this page to learn more about speakers and prepare for sessions each day. This page will be updated through the summer and should be used by OCLP Participants only. Articles and other pre-session assignments will be posted here. 

Participants will be asked to volunteer for two community events throughout the summer. Students can sign up below!

Week One

Assignments – June 1

Watch the following videos

The State of Social Justice

Sarah Schmidt – Assistant Director of Global Education Initiatives, Kent State University

June 1 – 9:30-10:45am

We are hoping to have a summer of change and innovative thinking. Sarah Schimdt will help us dive right in by giving us an overview of social justice today and what we need to be thinking about as we go into this summer of learning and growth. 

Innovative Thinking and Business Development

Lori Long – Entrepreneurial Studies, Baldwin Wallace University

June 1 – 11-11:45am

The Orchestrating Change Leadership Program’s goal is to not only educate but also create. Lori will jumpstart our entrepreneurial minds and give us the foundation to create sustainable and realistic program ideas to present in front of the CSO Board at the end of the summer. 

Assignments – June 3

Artistic Entrepreneurship

Bryan Bowser – Program Director of Arts Management & Entrepreneurship, Baldwin Wallace University

June 3 – 9-10am

Bryan Bowser will led us in a discussion on individual entrepreneurship and advocacy for yourself and your career. How can we represent ourselves in a way that will help our success in the field we have chosen?

Music History and Music Future

Eric Gould – Pianist, Composer, Arranger, and Educator

June 3 – 10:45-11:45am

Why is music history important and how can we use it to inform our push for change in the field of orchestral music? Eric Gould will led us in a discussion by using the past as a prologue for the future of our field and opening our eyes to the past that has existed in the shadows. 

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