June 1 - August 12

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OCLP Participant Resource Page

OCLP 2021 Participants will use this page to learn more about speakers and prepare for sessions each day. This page will be updated through the summer and should be used by OCLP Participants only. Articles and other pre-session assignments will be posted here. 

Participants will be asked to volunteer for two community events throughout the summer. Students can sign up below!

Week Four

Assignments – June 22

  • Watch/Listen to Season 1, Episode 1 of Orchestrating Change – https://www.cantonsymphony.org/episode-1-kelly-corcoran/
  • Think about – An example of an effective partnership (either in their own work or in the field) and why it was effective. What is your personal mission statement?  The idea that ties together all of your work! (we’ll talk about this together too)
  • Final next version of resume and cover letter sent to Rachel by this date. Use a sample job description for inspiration for your new cover letter. 

Programming for an Orchestra

Kelly Corcoran – Artistic Director, Intersection

June 22 – 9:30-10:30am

A huge part of what we do at a symphony is program concerts. We also do this as educators and community partners. What goes into programming a season and how can we be intentional with what we choose to perform on our stages? 

Chamber QUEER

Inclusivity in the Concert


June 22 – 10:45-11:45am

Why is it important that we view our concerts with inclusion and safety in mind? ChamberQUEER will walk us through the development of their organization and the unique perspective they bring to classical music, performance and the future of the concert.


Assignments – June 24

  • Watch/Listen to Season 2, Episode 1 of Orchestrating Change – https://www.cantonsymphony.org/2-1-dashon-burton/
  • For Dashon’s session, bring a piece of music (any genre) that has really moved you. Be prepared to talk about it!
  • Look up an online YouTube or audio track of three different performance “styles” to the same classical work. Identify three specific elements that make the stylistic differences. 

    For bonus points: What demographics or kinds of audiences do you believe these practices attract?

    Look at Baroque music, perhaps, for examples. It could include someone making a popular song out of a famous classical melody. Someone did a popular remake of Gymnopedie #1.

    Which style do you think is heard more whether live or electronically? 

    Which do you think commands higher ticket prices of existing audiences? 

    Which do you think might be more generally accessible, esp. if it added or took away a single element?

Bringing in the New

Dashon Burton – Grammy Award winning operatic bass-baritone & member of Roomful of Teeth

June 24 – 9:15-10am

How as performers can we bring more people into the classical music space? Dashon Burton will take us through his career and life philosophy that has led to unique performances and the engagement of new audiences.

Changing our Location

Rick Robinson – Composer and Creator of CutTime

June 24 – 10:15-11:15am

How do we engage new groups of people in classical music? Rick Robinson has a unique solution that involves playing Beethoven at a club. In this discussion, we will talk about the importance of truly being a part of the community and taking the music to where people are. 

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