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Every donor, every musician, every ticket holder and every student who benefits from CSO programming has a unique story to tell. Stories of gratitude, inspiration and purpose. Without your Performance Partner support those stories will end…

Your Performance Partner Annual Fund gift makes all stories possible.

The Performance Partner Annual Fund is the CSO’s top giving priority.  Annual Fund proceeds directly support the day to day operations of the CSO and bridge the gap between earned income and expenses.

When you become a Performance Partner you put music in classrooms, parks, and concert halls throughout our community.  We need your financial support to keep the music playing.

Please donate today so the stories continue!




CSO - Individual Sponsorship

“I’ve been going to the CSO for at least 32 years and I believe I have been a Performance Partner since the program started in the late 80’s or maybe early 90’s.

Family friends first encouraged me to attend the Symphony.  Both were very active.  He was Board President and his wife was Symphony League President for a while.  There was always Symphony talk in their house!  While I was in college they would get me a free student ticket for Monday night.  That was when there were two performances of each concert, Sunday and Monday.  Sunday was always sold out with season tickets, and Monday was the overflow crowd!

Through the years the CSO has been a wonderful extended family for me.  I am happy to support my symphony family with a Performance Partner gift each season.”

Joe Jadick – Performance Partner