Orchestrating change in our community.

Canton Symphony Orchestra knows the need for change within the orchestral community. The tradition of classical music has ignored many communities that have contributed to the development and canon of repertoire played in the concert hall. While Canton Symphony is a regional orchestral, change starts at the smallest level.

With “Orchestrating Change”, the Canton Symphony Orchestra hopes to facilitate conversations that will make the concert hall a more welcoming place for previously ignored communities as well as create more acceptance and diversity on the stage.

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Special Selections - WALLS OF GLASS

Performed on November 21st, 2015 in collaboration with Dancing Wheels Company & School. Fill out the form to watch.

Canton Youth Symphonies Virtual Concert

The Canton Youth Symphonies ensembles present this virtual concert after months of hard work rehearsing via Zoom. Sign-up below to view the recording.


This series of informative lectures will provide more insight 
into the music we know, love, and previously left undiscovered. Episodes released every Friday.

ConverZations is BACK!

Mondays at noon, once per month
Every month as scheduled, we will be streaming our ConverZations series until next summer. Enjoy various speakers discuss poignant topics pertaining to music, performance, and industry.

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Our work is not limited to the stage. As a non profit organization, it is our duty to provide programming to those who stand to benefit from it. We are constantly investing back into the community.
Canton Symphony Chorus
The Chorus rehearses weekly from late August through April under the direction of Dr. Britt Cooper.
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