The Canton Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to bringing supplemental music education to Stark county and beyond. Whether you are 3 or 103, the Canton Symphony Orchestra wants you to learn more about music and how to bring it into your life. Check out our programs below and see how you can get involved today!


Young People's Concert

Grades: 3-5
Location: Umstattd Hall
Dates: 10/27 & 10/28, 2021
Times: 9:30 & 11am each day
Focus: Music & Social Studies

This year’s YPC will focus on communities throughout history in America and what has led to the cultural makeup we see in our country today. Special music written specifically for Canton will be featured in this concert!

Backyard Explorations

Grade: 2
Location: Online
Release Date: 9/10/2021
Focus: Science, Art, and Music

In this collaboration between the Canton Museum of Art and The Wilderness Center, students will discover six pieces of art, the nature they embody and how music can bring them to life. This online experience will host multiple learning activities for science, art and music!


Grades: PreK-1
Location: Zimmermann Symphony Center

Enjoy three trio concerts that will introduce students to the different families of the orchestra!

Dates: 1/5 & 1/8, 2022
Times: 10 & 11am each day
Dates: 2/2 & 2/5, 2022
Times: 10 & 11am each day
Dates: 3/9 & 3/12, 2022
Times: 10 & 11am each day

Kinder Concert

Grades: PreK-1
Location: Cultural Center
Dates: 4/13 & 4/14, 2022
Times: 9:30 & 10:30am each day
Focus: Music & Social Studies

Family is the focus of this year’s Kinder Concert. What makes a student a part of a family and how are ideas and customs passed down through generations?

Camp Z

Beginner and Intermediate String Camp

6/6 – 6/10, 2022

2331 17th St. NW
Canton, Ohio  44708

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