Canton Youth Symphony Announcements

Updated 2/19/18

February Concert Dress Rehearsal Schedule

The Winter Concert quickly approaches!  Please remember, this concert is back at home base, Umstattd Hall, Zimmermann Symphony Center, where all our rehearsals take place.  Here is our schedule for the day of (February 25, 2018):

2:30 – 3:00pm: CYS (Call time 2:15)

3:00 – 3:30pm: CYSAO (Call time 2:45)

3:30 – 4:00pm: CYStrings (Call time 3:15)

4:30 – Concert begins

What does all this mean? The time given for dress rehearsal is when dress rehearsal starts.  That means the child should be on stage, in their seat, ready to go.  Call time is our suggested “latest you should be in the building” time.  If someone is not at dress rehearsal at their allotted time, we reserve the right to dismiss that child from the concert (barring advanced notice and approval).

Hoover kids – we are aware of your situation, please arrive as quickly, but safely, after your musical as possible.

Concert Dress:

Men – Black dress pants (no jeans), black button-down long sleeve dress shirt, black socks and dress shoes (no sneakers/gym shoes, sandals/flip flops).  Black jacket and tie are optional Ladies – Black dress pants (no jeans, no leggings) or black floor-length skirt or dress, black top with sleeves past the elbows, black shoes (no sneakers/gym shoes, sandals/flip flops), black hosiery.

Tickets are on sale now and they are $5 per person regardless of age.  The box office tends to get backed up on concert day, so I would highly suggest buying yours in advance online, the link will be below.

Touchdowns and Tutus – CYSAO only

Friday, March 9th – rehearsal from 4:00-5:30pm, at our usual space.  This will mostly be staging and lighting.  The ballet has requested you wear/bring all black so that they can adjust the lighting as needed.  The dressing rooms will be available for you to change in, so you can bring you concert place to change into if necessary.

Saturday, March 10th – Call time is 4:30, performance is at 6.  We are first, it will be a quick performance, and then you are free to leave after we are done.

If  you cannot make this performance, please let me know through email ASAP so that we can have an accurate count.

League Luncheon

I have the volunteers I need for this event, thank you for those that offered!

Snack Signup Sheet

Snack signup for Monday night Canton Youth Symphony (6-8:30 time)  Right now the rest of this concert cycle is full, I will update the list for the next concert cycle soon!

Click here for the sheet


If any of you are interested, the CSO does now have an app – the bulk of the app is the schedule for our season (the adult orchestra, but it does have our concerts on there as well)  Feel free to download and keep up to date with what the CSO is doing.  I am slowly working on getting things like this page also integrated in the app.  Search for Canton Symphony in your app store, or click below