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Be the 2022-2023 CSO Artist in Residence

Local artists bring new perspective to the symphony

The CSO Gallery is a space where artists and music come together to bring the auditory world into the visual world. In the 2021-2022 season, this took the form of the Composer Portrait Project where group of local artists, Dauber Copse Fam, created portraits on wood, 2’x4′ in size, of each composer featured on a CSO MasterWorks Concert. Before each concert, the portraits of the composers were added to the wall making the gallery grow throughout the year until the wall was full of portraits at the final concert. To see this project visit https://www.cantonsymphony.org/gallery/.

CSO is seeking an artist to bring their creative voice to the music of the 2022-2023 season. In this application, we will ask each applicant to pitch their idea for what they would create for the 22/23 gallery.

The chosen artist will receive $1,000 to create 7-14 pieces of art for the season (1-2 per concert). The art pieces will be available for sale throughout the season. Artist will receive 30% of all sales.

2021-2022 Composer Portrait Project

A year-long art installation to bring composers and local artists to the front...

Classical music listeners often forget about the composers behind the sounds they hear. We sit and bask in the music without much knowledge of the people who put pen to paper to create symphonies, concertos, and more. If we stop for a moment to imagine the person composing, the image is usually a male composer that is older and white. This is not surprising. For many years, composers represented on stage were primarily white men. While there is nothing wrong with Beethoven or Bach, the composers of classical music are much more diverse.

In the summer of 2021, Rachel Hagemeier, CSO Manager of Education and Community Engagement, and Errick Freeman, visual artist, molded the idea for the Composer Portrait Project. This portrait project aims to help the patrons of Canton Symphony Orchestra visualize the people behind the music and showcase the diversity we do not realize is on stage. Before each concert, portraits of the composers featured on that concert are unveiled to the public. Errick brought together a group of local artists, Dauber Copse Fam (Errick Freeman, DaQuane Finley, & Payton Finley), to create art pieces on wood, 2’x4′ in size. Each portrait is unique, different in composition, and representative of the character of the composer. By the end of the 2021-2022 season, 24 composers filled the space of CSO’s gallery.

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