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CSO Face Masks

Have you ever wished you could represent your beloved orchestra out in public? Would you like to proclaim CSO’s relevance to your friends, family, and total strangers? If this sounds like you, look no further!
For a limited time, we are selling protective face coverings to shield against wayward hacking, ludicrous sneezing, and enthusiastic talkers who may have more than words escape their mouths.
Proceeds from the sale of CSO face masks will help ensure the continued operations and programming endeavors of the organization. If you are able, donations of any kind are encouraged.

Divergent Sounds Pins

Historically, classical music has been perceived as being a little… stuffy. Well, no more will we sit idly by and accept that moniker. Since 2018, Canton Symphony Orchestra has expanded beyond the classical music canon to include all genres of music with our Divergent Sounds Series. We have featured pop, rock, hip-hop, and even jazz musicians in this intimate series of musical collaboration.
Before COVID-19 derailed our plans as an organization, we were in the midst of pursuing a recording project to capture the experience, so that it can be immortalized and appreciated for generations to come. Get your limited edition Divergent pin today!

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