Young People's Concert Learning Materials
Canton Symphony Orchestra presents “Music. History. Community”, an immersive virtual learning experience that will focus on how communities have developed throughout America’s history leading to the cultural makeup we see in our country today.

The following classroom materials can be used to enhance the concert viewing experience by diving deeper into the topics discussed during the concert.

All links and videos referenced in the learning materials can be found on this page. Photos have also been included so students can see them on a full screen.

Learning Materials may look blurry on the computer screen but should print completely clear. If you have trouble, contact

2021 YPC Learning Materials Video and Audio Links

Lesson 1 & 2

"The Star Spangled Banner" & Dotted Rhythms

Lesson 3

Oral Traditions

Lesson 4

Orchestral Instruments

Identifying instruments by ear: click on each instrument to play audio of that instrument for the students.

Lesson 6

Juba Dance

Juba beat pattern

Lesson 7

Writing Your Own Song

Lesson 8

The Composers of Ohio

Ohio Composers and Musicians: Click on the name of the piece of music to jump to the YouTube video. 

  • H. Leslie Adams, Cleveland, Ohio (1932-present)
    Prayer (1961) 
  • Hale Smith, Cleveland, Ohio (1925-2009)
    Evocation (1966)
  • Jim Ferguson, Dayton, Ohio (1948-present)
    Brothers (2004) 
  • Eric Carmen, Cleveland, Ohio (1949-present)
    All by Myself, chorus only (1975) 
  • Tracy Chapman, Cleveland, Ohio (1964-present)
    Give Me One Reason (1995) 
  • Dean Martin, Steubenville, Ohio (1917-1995)
    That’s Amore (1960) 

Margaret Brouwer (1941-present)

Billy Strayhorn (1915-1967)

John Legend (1978-present)

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